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Local visits

Participants of the Conference will have a chance to visit various state and NGO institutions on May 21 between 10 am to 1 pm. Registration required.

State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

The State Duma is one of the chambers of the Russian parliament, the Federal Assembly. It is a legislative authority that consists of 450 members elected for five years. Its main tasks are adoption of federal constitutional and federal laws, control over the activity of the Russian Government, appointment and dismissal of heads of the Central Bank, Accounts Chamber and High Commissioner on Human Rights, declaration of amnesty, and issues of international parliamentarian cooperation.


Website: http://duma.gov.ru/en/

Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

The Civic Chamber was established in 2005. Its purpose is to help citizens interact with government officials and local authorities in order to take into account the needs and interests of citizens, to protect their rights and freedoms in the process of shaping and implementing state policies, and to exercise public control over the activities of executive authorities.

The Civic Chamber comprises prominent citizens of Russia, representatives of national, regional and interregional NGOs.   


Website: https://www.oprf.ru/en

All together – Charity association of Social Oriented NGOs

All together – Charity association of Social Oriented NGOs is a non-profit partnership, bringing together Moscow charitable and volunteer organizations created at the initiative of citizens. Over the past few years private philanthropic initiatives arisen from ordinary citizens are becoming increasingly popular in Russia. Private philanthropists are being united in small organizations, which work directly with those who are in need, bypassing bureaucratic structures and other complex mechanisms of distribution of funds or resources. As a result, all the money raised, medications, blood donations come without any loss. All together – Charity association of Social Oriented NGOs aims to bring together these benefactors and their organizations to share experiences and resources so that to find solutions to common problems and promote the idea of ​​private philanthropy in the country.



The Agency of Social Information

The Agency of Social Information (ASI) is a Moscow-based, independent information agency that works to support Russia's emerging third sector of non-governmental, nonprofit social organizations.  the agency disseminates news and information about third sector organizations, upcoming events, and social issues in an effort to publicize the work of Russian NGOs and foster social support for their initiatives. 

Caritas of Mother of God Archdiocese in Moscow

Caritas provides assistance for poor people and for victims of disasters, accidents and armed conflicts in Russia.

The agency’s wide range of programmes provide social and medical support and rehabilitation assistance for young and elderly people in need and the homeless, and preparation of volunteers’ work with the professional community and society.

In addition, Caritas in Russia’s ongoing programmes and campaigns include:

Home Care – providing comprehensive in-home personal support and services to the elderly, the sick and the disabled.
Services for young people – providing shelters, camps and day centres.
Homeless services – programmes that provide the essentials such as clothes, food and medicine for the needy; solidarity club – solidarity events in Russia and promotion of dignity and well-being.
Adolescents – the main goal is to prevent neglect and encourage socialisation of children and adolescents in need.
Mother and child – programmes that help to save children’s lives before their birth.
HIV-infected people – improving the life quality of HIV-infected people.
Reintegration services – social services supporting the reintegration of people returning to the Homeland.
Emergency project – support for victims of conflict and acts of God.
Social consultation and support – psychological, social and consultative support for people in Russian regions.

Caritas of Mother of God Archdiocese in Moscow is a fully-fledged member of the international confederations Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa. In addition, the agency engages in partnerships with NGOs, state organisations such as the Ministry of Social Defence, the Federal Migration Service, the Institute of Economy (Moscow), and the Department on Charity of the Russian Orthodox Church.